It was important to us that our name was simple, concise, and encompassed our profession.
We approach every type of space as a challenge and strive to create environments where people can relate and interact with design. We believe in helping others and promoting ideas to solve problems. Enhancing quality of life and actively listening to the needs of the space matter to us, so we aim to responsibly and willingly seek out the knowledge needed for a design.

Each individual working at Within Interior Design brings a unique trait to the table and we feed from each other's strengths. We are an evolving group of talented innovators who generate efficient and creative designs.

We continue to stay on top of the latest methods and technology while also staying informed on new products. We thrive off  inspiration and innovation and continue to stay active within the design community by participating in IIDA and ASID. 

Our designers have a range of experience among them, making us well diversified in the field of design. Collectively, those experiences are what drive our designs and make us a well-rounded, active, and engaged firm. 


Heather Robinson  | Designer

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Sara Zoumbaris  |  Designer

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Hannah Berlin  |  PR Director


Jeannabeth Spencer | Project Manager Assistant

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Clara Cooper  |  Designer


Danica Bocchicchio | Designer


Amy Barber | Site Contract Manager


Jackie Trudell | Financial Comptroller


Janey Green  |  Designer


Alysa Butterfield | Designer

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Tiffany Brannon  |  Office Manager & Marketing Assistant